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I remember when I first started playing the flute, and honestly, it was a complete struggle for me! From placing fingerings, reading notes, and failed attempts to create a sound, I realized the flute was not a natural instrument for me. My original excitement for music was rapidly declining, and I was on the verge of quitting and moving on to another activity that would be easier. Instead, my mom's decision to enroll me in flute lessons changed all my negative thoughts into a more positive and passionate experience! 

Having a private teacher helped me get past the struggles I was facing in my playing, motivated me to set goals to improve my skills, and allowed me to gain confidence in performing. I not only built myself up as a musician, but I also built a professional AND personal relationship with the mentors who guided me in my musical journey, which is what I truly value the most.


My experience has inspired me to pass my knowledge and skills to those who aspire to learn and achieve their goals in music. I like helping students improve their essential musical components, feel prepared for auditions and performances, and have the freedom to enjoy their instruments!


Each student has a different approach to what they want to accomplish on flute, so I aim to ensure I can assist them in their journey and help them find their musical voice the best way I can!

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  • Start from Scratch: Let's learn how to play flute!

  • Improve those Basics: Freshen up your technique & polish your sound production!

  • Audition Prep Practice: Focus on attending an honor band, outside ensemble, or music school!

  • Get Caught Up: Need extra help with music in band class? Let's make it easier and fix those trouble spots!

  • Play with a Partner: Feel comfortable playing with another musician by working on & playing duets!

Here are my rates:


Lessons are offered as:


Weekly - 30, 45 or 60 minutes

Bi-weekly or Monthly - 60 minutes


Sign up for lessons here!

Currently, I serve lessons in the South Denver area. 

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Keep track of your lesson days here! 

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Thank you for your interest in flute lessons! I will make sure to get back to you ASAP!

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