Below are audio/videos of recent performances of my works.


Chamber Music

A Sparrow's Rain Song (2014)

Trio: for flute, cello and marimba

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Hiccup-pated Groove (2017)

Trio: for flute, clarinet and bassoon

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Shadowplay (2018)

Duo: for bass flute and guitar

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Woodwind Quartet (2018)

Quartet: for flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon

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Solo Instrumental

The Cereal Diaries: OPERATION COCOA PUFFS (2016)

For solo percussion

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All music is copyrighted by kitkatmeowmeow music,  Denver, CO..

Woodwind Quartet: Commissioned for the Pioneer Winds

Performance Recording: 5/13/18

Catherine Flinchum, flute

Chris Leech, oboe

Kevin Sakai, clarinet

Banri Hoshi, bassoon

Shadowplay for Bass Flute and Guitar

Comissioned for the Flinchum/Herring duo

Catherine Flinchum, flute

Jeff Herring, guitar


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