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As musicians, we go through personal struggles that create the stories of our musicianship, and my story was no different. Initially, I was not interested in the flute because I thought it was the choice my 4th-grade band teacher made for me and the chore my mom wanted me to pursue since she tried the instrument as a kid. Holding the instrument and producing consistent sound was challenging for me, and as I fell behind my peers who were excelling in band class, I leaned more towards quitting flute entirely. My flute teacher, Anna, quickly changed those struggles by fixing my hand positions and helping me create a sound to play the instrument easily and love it simultaneously. My love for flute grew throughout the years with Anna's guidance in private lessons and from the opportunities I had through school by making music with others. 

My knowledge and appreciation for the flute continued to grow throughout my childhood, and I wanted to take my skills to the next level by pursuing it as a career, wondering where my future would lead me. What originally was a goal of playing more music just for fun turned into a whole new perspective of what I could personally achieve. During my early years in college, my teacher, Christina, encouraged my progress, showed me how to improve my craft in the practice room, and helped me become more confident performing onstage and teaching those skills in the classroom. 


After completing undergraduate studies in Georgia, I took a risk, packed my bags, and moved halfway across the U.S. to Denver, Colorado, to pursue my graduate studies and music career. Even though I encountered new struggles with playing and making a name for myself in a new town where I knew no one, I decided not to let those obstacles overcome my confidence and passion. I took in new experiences and opportunities by performing with community-based groups, from orchestras to contemporary chamber ensembles. I also connected with other Denver flutists by attending flute events and joining a flute choir. One of my dreams came to reality when I subbed in for a Colorado Symphony performance because not only did I receive an opportunity to play in a professional symphony, but I could perform right next to my graduate teacher, Julie!

My education and experiences have allowed me to have a freelance career and dabble in different interests, too! As a teacher, I have received opportunities to teach sectionals at local band programs and provide private lessons for those who want to further their skills. I've had many opportunities to play with various groups around Denver, and I regularly partake in projects with Nebula Ensemble and the Wild Beautiful Orchestra. As a composer, I can write and arrange for my flute students and the groups I perform with. When I'm not fluting, you'll find me being the social media marketer for Congress Park Taproom or talking books with my best friend Brittany on Fiddle and Pipe Podcast!
I have accomplished many challenges as a young flutist, met great musicians, performed in various venues across the globe, and taken many risks to get to where I am today. I aim to share my knowledge with other musicians struggling to find their musical path or be inspired to improve their skills. We can turn our struggles into strengths and successes within our unique voice! If you want to know more about me, try out a flute lesson, or wish to collaborate, fill out the contact form below, and I will respond to you as soon as possible! 

Thank you for visiting my page!

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Music has led me to travel to 2 continents outside of the U.S and visit some cool places like the Mozart House in Vienna, Austria AND The Great Wall of China!

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My favorite animal is the sloth, and I even have a giant sloth animal in my flute loft to hug on a stressful day!

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When I'm not fluting, you'll find me reading a good book and talking about it in my book club Fiddle & Pipe Podcast!

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