As musicians, we all have our strengths, yet go through personal struggles that create the stories of our musicianship, and my story was no different. In the beginning, I was not interested in the flute because I spent the first couple of months thinking it was the choice my 4th grade band teacher made for me, and the chore my mom wanted me to pursue since she tried the instrument as a kid. Holding the instrument was hard for me to maintain, my capabilities of producing a sound didn’t exist, and I was on the verge of quitting. It wasn’t until I was 9 when my flute teacher, Anna, quickly changed those struggles in fixing my hand positions and helping me create a sound, so I could play the instrument easily and love it at the same time. My early dislike for the flute gradually dissipated throughout the years, due to Anna’s guidance with private lessons, and the opportunities I encountered at school by making music with others. 


My knowledge and appreciation for the flute continued to grow throughout my childhood, and I was striven to improve my artistic skills and creativity through music by pursuing it as a career, not really knowing where my future would lead me. What originally was a goal of playing more music just for fun, turned into a whole new perspective of what I could personally achieve. During my early years in college, my teacher Christina encouraged my progress and showed me how I can bring forth my craft to others, whether it was through performing, teaching or other outlets that I was interested in. The flute wasn’t just the instrument I played, it was MY instrument that I felt more passionate about each day.


After completing undergraduate studies in Georgia, I took a risk, packed my bags and moved half way across the U.S. to Denver, Colorado to pursue my graduate studies and music career. Even though I encountered new struggles with my playing as well as making a name for myself in a completely new town where I knew no one, I decided to NOT let those obstacles overcome my confidence and passion. I took in new experiences and opportunities by performing with community-based groups from orchestras to contemporary chamber ensembles, and connected with other Denver flutists by attending flute events and joining a flute choir. One of my dreams came to reality, when I was invited to sub in a Colorado Symphony performance because not only did I receive an opportunity to play in a professional symphony, but I was able to perform right next to my graduate teacher, Julie!

While performing is such a big part in my career, I enjoy utilizing my skills as a composer and writing for the contemporary ensembles I take part in. I have also received opportunities with local band programs by teaching flute sectionals & lessons. As a teacher, my goal is to help elevate my students skills, but also make flute playing fun & engaging in the process, especially in this time where virtual learning has become more normal due to COVID-19. I have also worked in social media & marketing for local, music businesses and artists. These skills have allowed me to grow my knowledge in this expanding, digital age, not just for others, but for my own businesses as well.


As I have accomplished many challenges, met great musicians, performed in various venues across the globe and executed my unique voice in this musical journey, I always strive for progress as a flutist. My goal is to share my musical knowledge to other flutists who are either struggling with finding their musical path or are inspired to improve their different skills. I want all my students to know that we can turn our struggles into strengths and make great music out of it in our own unique voice! If you would like to know more about me or try out a lesson, fill out the contact form below, and I will make sure to respond to you as soon as possible!

I am so excited to meet you and thank you for visiting my page!

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Music has led me to travel to 2 continents outside of the U.S and visit some cool places like the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria AND The Great Wall of China!

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My favorite animal is the sloth, and nope, it's no joke! I even have a giant sloth animal in my flute loft for myself to hug on a stressful day!

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I flute during the day, and barista in the mornings! 

Yep, I can make you a sweet, vanilla latte or a mean cappucino at Denver's own La Belle Rosette Espressio & Wine Bar!

...did I happen mention that I LOVE coffee? 

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